15 Tips To Include In Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

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Mobile marketing is multi-channel online marketing systems focused at getting a particular audience on their smartphones, tablets, or any additional connected devices through websites, E-mail, SMS and MMS, social media, or mobile applications.

How To Design A High-Performing Landing Page For Mobile – Alta Digital

Landing pages have become one of the key staples of online marketing. But how can you be sure that you get to optimize a landing page taking mobile user experience into account?

By reading this ALTA Digital Blog post, you’ll be able to know what a landing page is, and how mobile landing pages have become the go-to move for marketers the world over, and how to optimize mobile landing pages to reach new heights! Read the full article.

5 True Stories That Will Revolutionize Your Mobile Strategy – Jeff Bullas

Mobile marketing is not about improvising an idea and testing it out sporadically. Creating a good mobile strategy means expanding horizons, time and tools in order to achieve significant results.

A series of actions must be studied and coordinated with each other and with the overall marketing plan of the brand.

You must also put yourself in the shoes of your target: what do they search for on mobile, how can they find your brand, what can convince them to convert their interest into action?

Here are 5 true stories of brands that aced at certain aspects of mobile marketing strategy. Read the full article.

Mastering Mobile Popups; A Case Study – Conversion XL

Converting smartphone visitors into email subscribers is not easy. Unless you have the right method. Discover the exact technique like Skechers Australia used to increase their email subscriptions by 77%. Read the full article.

Top Mobile Marketing Experts To Start Following Today! – Netcore Smartech

Mobile marketing trends change with every new technology that the industry embraces and adopts. For instance, voice technology has paved the way for voice assistants that can be integrated into your apps today. Much like other developing industries, mobile app marketing keeps evolving at an unprecedented pace.

Staying on top of the latest developments in the mobile market is core to be successful. Learning about the latest trends, participating in discussions about the future and knowing the hottest new technologies, is necessary to be a relevant player in this ever-changing environment. It is hard for mobile marketers, like you, to keep up with this pace of growth. But don’t you worry – we’ve got you covered!

We are sharing a list of top mobile marketing influencers and experts that inspire us and shape the mobile marketing sphere. Follow them today to keep up with the latest mobile marketing trends and developments. Read the full article.

How To Design A High-Performing Landing Page For Mobile – Abacus

Landing pages have become one of the key staples of online marketing. But how can you be sure that you get to optimize a landing page taking mobile user experience into account?

By reading this ALTA Digital Blog post, you’ll be able to know what is a landing page, how mobile landing pages have become the go-to move for marketers the world over, and how to optimize mobile landing pages to reach new heights! Read the full article.

6 Mobile E-commerce Trends To Drive Sales – Sellbrite

The main challenge for any e-commerce business is standing-out and reaching customers, which can be incredibly difficult among the competition. All the more difficult, too, considering all the ways in which the e-commerce customer base is changing.

Standing out in e-commerce now involves recognizing that, nowadays, buyers are more multi-faceted than ever – because they care about social values that their favorite brands do (or don’t) espouse. Marketplaces are making lives difficult for small outlets looking to preserve their brand identity. Providing a better standard of customer experience that will not be a challenge to online sellers.

With all that in mind (dizzy yet?), there’s room for hope. With mobile sales estimated to reach $3.56 trillion by 2021, with so many more users to reach, we put together a list of six of the biggest mobile trends in e-commerce that are driving sales at the moment, to show you how to bridge those gaps and drive your sales into the future. Read the full article.

New Data Shows Losing 80% Of Mobile Users Is Normal, And Why The Best Apps Do Better – Andrew Chen

Exclusive data/graphs that show the typical retention curve in the Google Play store. Read the full article.

19 Mobile Marketing Commerce Statistics E-Tailers Should Know – Sleeknote

Mobile commerce, also known as m-commerce, is defined as “the buying and selling of goods and services through wireless handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets.”

In this article, we’re going to list 19 of the most interesting mobile commerce statistics that show just how big of a role it plays in modern e-commerce.

We’ll also include plenty of data that demonstrates why it’s so essential to create a smooth, fluid experience for mobile users. Read the full article.

[Video] Mobile E-Commerce: How To Get 3X More Revenue From Mobile Devices – LinkedIn

What is the share of mobile traffic in your online store? Is it 60%, 70% or maybe closer to 80%? And how about the mobile share of revenue? I believe that it’s not even close.

That’s why I’ve just published a bit longer video than usually (over 12 min!) where I share: 3 reasons that stop users from converting on mobile devices plus a dozen or more tips on what should you do to tackle these problems and 3X your mobile revenue. You’ll find the link to the video in the comments to the linked LinkedIn update! Read the full article.

Common Pitfalls Of Mobile Commerce And How To Solve Them – Sellbrite

As of 2017, mobile commerce sales in the United States reached $156 billion. By 2021, this figure is expected to skyrocket to more than $420 billion. However, during the third quarter of 2018, the conversion rate of online shoppers using a smartphone was 1.56 percent, in comparison to the conversion rate for shoppers on a laptop or PC hovering close to 4 percent.

Whether your own website’s analytical data is in line with national averages or has fallen behind, understanding common pitfalls hindering your is an important first step. Read the full article.

Getting More From Mobile With Customer-Centric Push Campaigns – My Total Retail

Push notifications are about your customer, not you. Focus on them and make their experience magical to win. Read the full article.

Mobile Marketing Messaging And The Implications On Data Security Best Practices – Voicesage

With growing concern for how user data is used and stored, what are you doing to manage your data security best practices so that they’re in line with user expectations and industry standards?

How do your best practices need to change? Facebook is an extreme example, but small-medium businesses (SMBs) like yours need to take these precautions, too. Read the full article.

24 Highly Effective Mobile Marketing App Strategies – Trifin Labs

Mobile app marketing is hard — there’s no doubt about it. There are hundreds of ways to acquire new users. There is extremely high competition in the app stores. There are dozens of data points stacked up against you (like 77% of users uninstall your app within 3 days).

It’s a miracle mobile app marketers are able to acquire and retain, and engage new users every day — how do they do it?

This question was the impetus for this post, and why I’ve compiled 22 of the best mobile app marketing strategies I could find to help you grow your app. Most of which are contributed from experts across the app marketing spectrum including app store optimization, user acquisition, retention, and analytics. Read the full article.

The Anatomy Of A Mobile Marketing Ad In 2019 – Abacus

Mobile ads are now the leading advertising medium, surpassing desktop and TV in total ad spend in the US. Here are 9 nine key factors to be aware of when designing a successful and high-converting mobile campaign. Read the full article.

Mobile Commerce: 7 Trends To Look For In 2019 – Sales And Orders

The shift to mobile is undeniable. More than half of all internet traffic now comes from a mobile device, so it likely won’t come as a shock to learn that 62% of smartphone owners use a mobile device to shop. That means mobile is making its mark on the eCommerce world, too.

If you don’t start catering to this new wave of shoppers, you could be missing out on tons of new customers–and potentially thousands of dollars in sales. In this guide, I’m sharing why this shift to mobile commerce plays a huge role in your retailer strategy–along with 7 trends you need to jump on in 2019.  Read the full article.

Mobile marketing allows you to reach your audience at any time and everywhere. It is important to ensure that your marketing efforts are getting to their mobile devices. Stay ahead of the newest mobile marketing strategy advances and your brand will flourish.

Which mobile marketing strategies are you using? Share your tips and tricks with us below.


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