Digital Today 17 July 2019

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Today we look into marketing news, stories, campaigns, CRM’s, tools and crisis management in the interconnected digital world we live in. 


“If you think of the average age of most board members around the world – and, frankly, of their backgrounds as well – they are not digitally ready.” – James Bilefield


The best social media news stories & campaigns from June 2019 – by Econsultancy

It’s monthly social media news roundup time again and we’ve got campaigns from Nike, Sprite and Mastercard as well as updates from Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.

With no further ado let’s get into it.  Read the full article. 

7  Tools to Optimize Your Old Content for New Conversions – by Content Marketing Institute

When it comes to informational content marketing, converting readers is not that easy. Site visitors came for answers, found them, and don’t have a point to stick around any longer. Is getting clicks your ultimate marketing goal?

Of course not, you want your site users to perform an action instead of just landing and moving on.

When it comes to informational social media news and content marketing, converting readers is not that easy. Site visitors came for answers, found them, and don’t have a point to stick around any longer.  Read the full article.

How to Build a More Engaged Audience by Using a Social Media CRM – by Agorapulse

If you want to track engaged followers, identify brand ambassadors, and monitor your brand’s DMs, you need a tool that goes beyond native platform features. So, how can you optimize your customer relationship management (CRM) strategy and cultivate a community around your brand? Find out how to build an engaged audience with the help of social media CRM.  Read the full article.


7 Questions to Ask When Buying a Social Media Management Tool for Your Agency – by Convince & Convert

None of us become business owners to work ourselves to death. We do it to be our own bosses, set our own schedules and have more time with our loved ones, all while making a good living.

To fulfil that dream, our businesses need to grow, and to grow, we need to be able to do more in less time—and still deliver the incredible results our clients have come to expect. In fact, one of the most common complaints I hear from agency owners is that they don’t have enough time to think, to strategize, and to work on their businesses instead of in their businesses.  Read the full article.


10 Easy Steps to Managing a Social Media News Crisis- Social Bakers

In today’s interconnected digital world a social media news crisis is always waiting to happen. The impersonal nature of the internet has given rise to a mob mentality – as any brand who has made an online misstep well knows. So you want to know more about social media news crisis management? 

Brands must be prepared to deal with this situation in a practical manner. It won’t do any good complaining about how unfair it is. Because the question in today’s world is not can a social media crisis happen to me? It’s when will it happen to me?

It pays off to be prepared for it – so don’t worry, here are a few things that you can do to “weatherproof” your social media marketing news before the storm.   Read the full article.

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