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“It was a very insightful course. The practical delivery was good and experiential for hands-on practice and implementation. It was certainly worthwhile.”
Faith Marck, Manager, OpenServe

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Excellent! Would like to do further courses.”
Brigid Jaucot, Marketing & PR Manager, Wiesenhof

“It suddenly dawned on me how one can make use of Digital Marketing to benefit a company. The atmosphere during training was relaxed and interactive. I enjoyed the course very much”
Ronny Tshabalala, Marketing and Communications Officer, Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens

hugh mccabe handing certificates to students during digital marketing course
Hugh McCabe Handing Out Certificates

“Great course and a necessity for all marketers! It is empowering and gives us great insights on the subject.  and makes it easy to follow.”
Nomali Zungu Marketing Analyst Beckman Coulter-SA

“Thank you Digital Business for the hospitality. Hugh McCabe first and foremost has extensive knowledge and an excellent approach to Digital Marketing. He is well spoken and thoroughly versed in the technicalities. I will definitely recommend this course.”
Thabiso Bambo, Account Manager, iProspect Search

“Very informative and interesting. Will be able to apply it in my business. Content was excellent as was the facilitator.”
Lesley-Ann Van Niftrik, Image Communication

hugh mccabe helping student during digital marketing course
Hugh McCabe Helping Student During Digital Marketing Course

“Thanks Hugh McCabe, a very insightful course about Digital Marketing. I recommend attending the 1 Day Social Media course first as a solid foundation on social platforms and development. Really enjoyed the training.”
Wouter Vermaak,  Marketing & Social Media Manager, UMS

“I came here knowing just a little about digital marketing and can now proudly say I have gained a lot with regards to using Digital Marketing and Social Media. The course venue was awesome, with very friendly and welcoming staff. The facilitator was eloquent, and he knew his stuff and the course was quite interesting. I would love to do the advanced course.”
Mareitumetse Monyau, Information Officer , Lesotho Electrical Company

“It was a very enlightening course and really opened my eyes to the myriad of possibilities. Hugh McCabe is great and really knowledgeable about this industry.”
Robert Haden-Smith, MD Papersmith and Son

hugh mccabe with liberty rustenburg
Hugh McCabe Presenting At Liberty Rustenburg

“I found the course to be insightful. I have gained knowledge that I was not aware of. Being in the graphic & web design industry, this has been an eye opener to me on how social media can assist one instead of being used for private purposes. The venue was amazing and by far the best I have been to in terms of doing courses. Thank you for providing me with this knowledge. I would be happy to attend future courses, especially on SEO.”
Kishalya Ram

“Since I joined the different social media platforms a few years ago, I never thought I can make anything useful form my posts or articles. Until today when I attended the digital marketing course. That brought to light that I can actually advertise and promote our business with this media! It is a great pleasure and honour to have attended this training, which was not only educational, but was also a lifetime experience.”
Alucia Kelebile, GuestMag Communications – Botswana

This 3 day digital marketing course in Johannesburg taught me exactly what I required in my specific business to build my society membership base.
Johan de Koker IPET

Hugh McCabe presenting at Universal Music
Hugh McCabe Presenting Social Media At Universal Music

“The course was extremely good and helpful. Everything that was covered today was exactly what I needed help with and more. Everything was explained well and very easy to understand. Hugh McCabe is a very good teacher and trainer, he didn’t rush anything and explained well. I would definitely recommend this to other people.”
Pri Govender, EziBet

“Thank you very much for a very professional presentation. I have learned a lot and I’m not as scared of Facebook anymore. I would also like to thank Martie for all the effort she’s put in to push us to convince our managers to attend this. The venue and service all round definitely gets a ‘Like’ from me. Lunch was very nice and Hugh McCabe was excellent both Monday with the one-on-one and today. I am a lot more comfortable and understand a lot more about social media and how to do it and where to go.”
Elmarie Turner, Nashua Communications

hugh mccabe is a very good teacher and trainer
Hugh McCabe During Digital Marketing Course

I learned a lot in in only a few hours and I appreciate the fact that there was enough practical demonstrations and helpful tools given. It was indeed a pleasure to be part of the 1 day Social Media training today.
Kelly Adams PA Mr Maintenance

“Very informative and will definitely be able to use the information I gained from this course going forward. Hugh McCabe takes time to answer questions and takes time to engage with his audience which is very comforting and reassuring.”
Shelley Sparkes, Office Admin, Azlyn Creative

“It was a great opportunity to learn about social media, especially advertising on Facebook. It was a great workshop and would like to come for more. I got more insight on LinkedIn and Twitter.”
Margaret Busangabanye , Artifact Advertising


“Everything was great! Food, venue, training. Very useful information and trade tips!”
Isabel Redelinghuys , IntelliAcc

“The course is very informative, and also very enjoyable. After the course I feel more confident to go back to my office and plan and implement our social media strategy. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone in a marketing department within a company.”
Kea Sekgome, Loads Of Living

“A huge thank you to Hugh McCabe for the time to put the content of the session into context. All the examples are so current. This is most helpful in understanding the terminology and logic. Love the ‘quick tips’ and ideas to get a head start. Will refer to friends and will certainly look out for new courses.”
Larna Jackson, Event Options

hugh mccabe takes time to answer questions

“Wonderful digital marketing course, very informative. Lots of great tips and insights. All positive.”
Daphne Jefferis, Exposure Crew

“I think Hugh McCabe is great, his teaching techniques are excellent. He has good listening skills and I’m glad that I attended the course. I’d say I’m rich with the knowledge gained.”
Connie Rakosa, LegalWise

“Insightful for a basic start to social media principles. Good overview and holistic approach to strategy, effective use of content generation and different social media networks. This gave affirmation for our company’s direction towards developing a social media strategy. Helpful indeed!”
Xabiso Matshikiza, LegalWise

Hugh McCabe With Class Of Digital Marketing Students
Hugh McCabe With Class Of Digital Marketing Students

“Up to now, I thought I knew how social platforms work. After this course I have been doing everything upside down. I am looking at also getting into the social media consulting industry, and this is one of the reasons I have attended the course. Thank you to Hugh McCabe. His practical way of conducting the course is what stood out. Please send me the next courses on offer.”
Yusuf Ismail, Divaz Event Management

“Thank you so much for this course. I’ve learned so much and am really looking forward to implementing this into my work environment. Well done on the venue as well, great food, facilities and group of students. Will recommend you to all in the future. Would like to be informed of the 3-Day course. Well done!”
Loni Starke, Independent Dealer Association

“What an amazing informative workshop. Thank you! Not only informative but a lot of fun. The theory combined with the practical really made this workshop great. An experience I will definitely by sharing with many… See you for the next workshop!”
Tashila Chetty, Cambist

hugh mccabe teaching techniques are excellent

“Very informative and easy to understand for starters in social media.”
Theresa Potgieter, Deer Graphics

“The social media course is very informative and has opened up my social media horizons. It is an in-depth course that explains a step-by-step guide how to tackle the social obstacles. It is relevant for anyone, especially in the marketing and communications industry. Many thanks Hugh McCabe for a well presented course.”
Krystal Coconas, MCM

“I understand now the various lingo and have also been enlightened on how to use the various networks to my advantage. The course also helped me and have given me the tools to cut my time on social networks in half through cutting out the learning stage. Very informative and a definite must for any business owner.”
Sonja Proper, Villa Botanica

hugh mccabe explains content clearly

“Hugely informative, learnt a lot. Great venue.”
Belinda Cave, Ethniks Systems

“Quite insightful and detailed, a practical solution to online marketing.”
Olubobokun Kayode, KJB

“Very interesting and more informative. Lots of practical examples. I have learnt a lot and am now ready to develop a social media strategy for our organisation. Excellent, and will recommend to others.”
Francina Machoga, NRF

hugh mccabe excellent instructor easy to understand

“I actually enjoyed the class. I have learnt more about social media. All the questions I had where answered fully. I like the fact that there is post-class support as well – this will assist us/me if there are other questions that I may have to be answered. Hugh McCabe explains the entire content clearly and it was understandable. I got some ideas to implement when I get back to work. Thank you for the course!”
Angeline Khunou, NRF

“Excellent course – definitely understand now how and why a website works or does not work. Great to learn how it all fits together and how it all works. and lovely person.”
Helen Malisan, Hannah Game Lodge

“Very digestible and insightful, relevant information. Learnt new knowledge. Very practical and useful guide.”
Janette Engelbrecht, The Open Window

“Wow, I had no knowledge whatsoever! Now it makes sense. Very informative, well presented, very interactive. This has been a brilliant overview of what the essentials of digital marketing is all about. Thank you very much. I look forward to coursers you may offer in the future!”
Mia de Kock, The Open Window

“Very insightful training, I’m now equipped with the purpose of running a more intense and engaging social media campaign.”
Etti-Williams Olugbenga, Nigeria DigiCraft Solutions

“Fantastic so far! I have learnt the basic skills of social media marketing and I now understand online user behaviour on social media. The environment is great. I also learnt the other social media tools that may become popular in the near future.”
Tony Ehiguese, Nigeria DigiCraft Solutions

“I enjoyed the course, I found it very interesting and educating. It will definitely be helpful for my business in the future.
The lecturer was very friendly and easy to understand.”
Kayla De Lange, Adwordz

” Extremely valuable introduction to the world of social media for a business aspect. SEO and social media and digital marketing use and run down was extremely useful and essential.”
Alex Honegger Cambial Communications

“Great class, I have come to learn and that’s what I got. I understand more about Adwords and will take what you taught and put it to good use.”
Tristen De Lange, Adwordz

“Great informative learning experience. The professionalism exhibited was truly one of a kind. Hats off to Hugh McCabe for a helpful and informative presentation. Good, steep learning curve for down-to-business, ready to go experience. I’ll be coming back for more. Excellent!”
Quintin de Jager, Sensible Choices

“I have enjoyed the course. It is a lot of information to absorb, so I will only really know what I learnt once I start applying it, which I will start immediately. I would like to learn more in the advanced course. Hugh McCabe is very knowledgeable and patient in answering questions, especially when I got a bit lost.”
Hilda Deavall, Merit Business Institute

“This was a great intro to the basics of social media. I would like to join the advanced classes about this when it happens.”
Brent Hill, Dracore Investments

“I had a really good time today, it was a lot of fun and educational. The most important things I learned were how to search for quality content. As well as the various websites and apps I can use to make operating and managing social media platforms much easier.”
Penelope Mtshali, Dracore Investments

“I have enjoyed the course and found it very informative. I now have a lot more knowledge in LinkedIn and will be using the tool more often now that I have attended the course. Social media is a very useful tool and this course has made me more aware of different ways of connecting with people and businesses.”
Deon Mahadeo, The People Connection

“The past two days have surpassed all my expectations! Great course, highly informative, thank you! Will indeed follow-up with E-mail correspondence if I have any more questions.”
Thelma du Plooy, Kleinood Winery

“I really enjoyed the course immensely and would recommend it. Venue was fantastic!”
Kym Clayton, SGRP Meridian

“Course was very informative and relaxed. I liked the practical examples given on actual social media accounts! I would like to attend the digital marketing course as well.”
Tanya Frayne, Medical Services Organisation

“Extremely informative, current and eye-opening. The things I learned were very practical and I can see exactly how I’m going to implement it into my work, both personal and business. It was definitely worthwhile. I’m certainly going to recommend it to my contacts.”
Boitumelo Sekati, Creative Folds

“I really enjoyed the course. I definitely think the individual workshops are a great idea for practical hands-on training. Very informative and interesting.”
Derryn Jackson, Moyen Skin & Wellness

“Loved the course! So helpful with learning new tricks on how to manage sites as well as interlink all the major one. I will definitely be back for the digital course!”
Ash Barber

“I love what you are doing, it works! I have learned a lot during this 3 day Digital Marketing course. Thank you for your hopitality. Keep doing what you are doing. I will recommend this course to everyone.”
Teboho Makhoa Designer FNB Lesotho

“Highly informative course. Loved the way Hugh McCabe put everything in context. Assisted me to expand my knowledge with regards to social Media. Very interactive. Would definitely recommend this course to everyone who wants to make sense of all the different platforms.”
Lorraine Jacobs

“Great course, would recommend to all small companies. Good explanation on finer details of the platform. I had many questions that I needed answered and I’m happy to say all have been answered and I have a better understanding of social media in general.”
Daniela Nel, Freddy South Africa

“Great facilities, enlightening and easy to understand, good content. Overall, very good.”
Fay Da Rocha, Headgames

“Fantastic, well structured course that was very infomative and easy to follow, in particular the SEO website and Facebook sessions. I look forward to the advanced courses. The timing was perfect and breaks well co-ordinated.”
Hannah Broad Director Excella

“Good understanding, great venue.”
Paula Agostaho, Headgames

“The session was very beneficial, gained more insight and it met my expectations.”
Patricia Nkosi, Eskom

“The course is brilliant. The trainer is very informative, knows the subject matter very well. ”
Miriam Khanyeza, Eskom

“Thanks for a highly interesting and engaging course. I now know how to use basic social media networks well, for both myself and my business.”
Rego Mavimbela, Eskom

“Great! Great coverage of Google, Feedly and other sites. Loved the presenter, thanks Hugh McCabe! Great venue, great staff, wonderful ambiance.”
Gail Perry, Eskom

“The course is well structured, informative and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who knows a little, or more, about social media.”
Lebo Nkopane, Eskom

“Interesting session. I enjoyed learning how to integrate social networks into business models.”
Prianca Pillai, NetPartnering SA

“I really enjoyed the interactive element where Hugh McCabe showed us how to do things and not just on PowerPoint. I enjoyed learning that way. I have some great take-outs from this course.”
Karyn Lovesay, NetPartnering SA

“Got an in-depth understanding of social media and the positive imparts it can have on a company – especially the Facebook side. Received interesting tips, tools and websites to refer to.”
Nicole Friedman, NetPartnering SA

“The Digital Marketing course was worthwile and value adding. It gave me an opportunity to understand the digital space from a detailed perspective. Hugh was very professional. Martie, the organisation was super and thank you for your great hospitality.”
Moshe Kola Head Communications ITASA

“Great training. Hugh McCabe is very knowledgeable, totally worth every minute.”
Wacango Kumani, Sayari Vision

“Perfect – loved the practical examples of everything you spoke about.”
Sanja Gohre, The Researchers

“Fantastic course that certainly covers the essentials. Thank you Hugh McCabe, I found the course exceptionally effective and I pray I’m able to utilise these tools and skills and apply them correctly/implement them efficiently in Dandelion Breeze.”
Cherise Harverye, Dandelion Breeze

“Thank you Digital Business Academy for this course. Hugh is insightful and managed to explain the content in simpler forms. All my questions were answered and encouraged to create a Facebook page for my company. The venue was nice and the food was excellent. Thank you for the course.”
Khabo Hlatshwayo, Diomedia Trading

“Very insightful. Gave me greater perspective on what to focus on. A lot of great info!”
Ilse Botha, Just Design It / Castello Guesthouse

“Ek het dit baie geniet en het baie geleer.”
Germie, UFS – DIMTEC

“Content discussed very relevant and insightful. Useful tips discussed. General information to suit all various types of people’s needs.”
Faye De Villiers, SW Contracts

“Very informative course. Length of the course perfect with enough cheat sheets, hints, templates and insights to take our own companies to the next level in Digital Marketing. Hugh McCabe is very knowledgeable. Fun, interactive class. I really learnted a lot!”
Viloshni Govender, Marketing Director, Separation Scientific

“This social media course was very effective for me and informative. A lot was learnt, there was enough time to write down notes. I will be going home and work with many new ideas!”
Tania Ponte, Adega Restaurants

“Learnt a lot, gained information on how to advertise differently on different forms of social media. ”
T. Coetser, Respilek

“Great complete course! Quick and easy explanations of the most important tools and some very useful additional services. Interesting mix of people attending the course.”
Samuel Monthuley, External Relations Consultant, UNHCR Kinshasa DRC

“A very interesting course, I thought it would be complicated but it’s actually easy to understand, thanks Hugh McCabe.”
Melany Hawkin, Royal Mnandi

“Very informative, thank you for the tips (practical and easy to apply). The whole experience was great: atmosphere, food, treats. It didn’t feel like a class at all!”
Tumi Tshangela, Legal & Tax

“Love the course, it covered all I needed to know.”
Samantha Mokoena

“Very interesting, informative and I learnt a lot. Glad I got the opportunity to come again for the digital course. Great venue, the Focus Rooms are the best ever. Thanks Hugh, it was great, looking forward to the courses to come in the future.”
Stephanie Guruviah Da Silveira, XL Protea Travel

“The course was awesome, I have learned a lot that I had no idea about. Hugh McCabe is very patient and supportive. Hoping to attend more courses with them as I would really like to improve my knowledge and skills. I truly had a great day and would really like to see more people learning about digital marketing as it is now a convenient tool for marketing. Even got to learn more about blogs and even got my Twitter active. Great job!”
Martha Mohoni, Media Distribution Africa

“Thank you for today. One always learns something, today I would say that I have learnt that there is plenty we can do for our business on social media, but that I will have to go back to the basics myself.”
Ingrid Conroy, KneePal

“Practical and valuable workshop. A good starting point for those who have limited knowledge of social media to learn more. Well presented!”
Joanna Evans

“It was incredibly informative and easy to apply. I learned a lot about how to use the different platforms around me to benefit myself and my business. On a social level to connect with others and also how to grow my brand. I will definitely recommend this to new companies and also to people looking to grow personally and put themselves out there on a corporate level.”
Devon Bruintjies, Sapho Sethu

“So much more out there than I ever thought! Loved the content and this new way of marketing – but good to know relationship building is still key in business success. Thank you. I’m revved!”
Lisa Harris, Terenzo Hairdressing International

“I learned a lot! There is a massive world out there of social media. Being updated and a lot I didn’t even know. You really had a lot of patience and help as far as you can – answering all the questions and explaining everything. You’re awesome!”
Maryke Oosthuizen, Terenzo Hairdressing International

“I am so pleased to have done the social media marketing course. Everything I do at work or for my business will be so much quicker. I have learnt amazing tricks and tools to cut down on graphic design costs, reading my customers and freeing up time to do other important things. Very informative and well presented. Thanks Hugh McCabe! You answered all our questions in ‘lay-man-terms’ which has made it easier to understand – I can be quite slow with IT things. I will absolutely recommend this to others (not until I have surpassed my competitors!). I like the fact that Q & A sessions with you are possible after today. Great day! Motivated and excited!”
Carol Anderson, Made You Look

“I attended the social media course with Hugh McCabe and found him very informative. I walked out with much better knowledge. I will be using more social networks for marketing myself. Thanks to Hugh McCabe for his patience.”
Irene Da Funseca, Terenzo Hairdressing International

“So much learned and taken in. It helped me to realise where I am going wrong and what I am missing. A great benefit for our company which will definitely be implemented on a daily basis. Love, love, love Canva! Thank you, money well worth spending.”
Chanèl Emslie, Terenzo Hairdressing International

“This course will hopefully help me build awareness for our company, products and services. Feel a lot more clued up on how to get started with marketing via social media.”
Ayeshia Miller, Webasto Thermo & Comfort SA

“Great job Hugh McCabe! I thought you did a fantastic job, well presented and informative. I have learnt a lot and have plenty to work from. I will be recommending your company to all.”
Brett Van Eyssen, Apparel X-Perts

“The course helped me reflect and go over my existing skills and knowledge of social media. Canva was a great new thing I learnt about. A great class overall, a good foundation for what’s to come.”
Erin Human, Coca Cola Beverage Company

“Great learning experience overall. Fantastic venue. Course structure at the beginning of the day, with what will be covered, keep up the good work.”
Alvina, CEO, FX Productions

“Thoroughly enjoyed this course, informative, interactive in an easy to digest format.”
Faheem Khota, Commercial Editor, Independent Newspapers

“The workshop was informative in terms of different strategies and communication methods for a business. Highly recommendable for anyone in any type of area, anyone that wants to expand their social media knowledge.”
Zoe, Social Media Manager, FX Productions

“It was a great opportunity to learn about social media, especially advertising on Facebook. It was a great workshop and would like to come for more. I got more insight on LinkedIn and Twitter.”
Margaret Busangabanye, Artifact Advertising

“Great service, professional and very practical. Very interactive and personal and affordable.”
Bonolo Ntamu, Artifact Advertising

“Thanks for the great course Hugh McCabe, it was educational and a lot of fun. Definitely coming back for more.”
Francois Wessels, Nyama Catering

“Wow! There’s so much I didn’t know and understand, and Hugh McCabe explained it very clearly and patiently! Can’t wait to get cracking and to add serious value to my new business.”
Kerryn Lawson, Meropa

“Dankie vir die great kursus. Ek het dit baie geniet en baie geleer. Interessante kursus en goeie verduideliking, kan nie wag vir kursus nr. 2 nie!”
Hamilton Wessels, Vocal Events

“Die kursus is omvattend, baie inligting maar op ‘n verstaanbare manier oorgedra. Dit is interessant en baie leersaam.”
Hilde Basson

“The training today was informative. The venue and catering throughout the day was exceptional. Will return for the advanced course in three weeks. Thank you for your valuable time today.”
Nicole Hoffman, Shoe Divas SA

“Excellent course, very relevant to the changing business and social environment around us. Good exposure to the digital ‘erosystem’ we operate in, both professionally and socially. Good roadmap provided to initiate our exposure and activity within the digital and social media landscape. Will send more staff within UVEX Safety, definitely.”
Christo Nel,  Director UVEX Safety   

“Very educational, enjoyed it thoroughly. Will be back for the advanced course!”
Bianca Pieterse, Shoe Divas SA

“I enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. Now I realise how much I don’t know and how much more I need to learn.”
Jane Filmer, The Fashion Office

“Enjoyable course. Learnt a lot from Hugh McCabe, enjoyed learning about all the apps you can use with Facebook to make your business page better. The LinkedIn part was my favourite as I’m very into that.”
Jessica Bohwen, Flavour Designs

“The course was an excellent course. Very informative and steered me in the right direction to ensure that social media marketing is working for our company.”
Boniswa Ndamase, Relevant Solutions

“‘n Baie insiggewende dag, dit voel soos die punt van die ysberg – daar is soveel meer om te leer en daarom dink ek die 3 Dag kursus is ‘n moet. Hugh McCabe se aanbieding is baie gemaklik, en ‘n mens voel nooit ‘uitgestres’ nie. Die 1 Dag kursus het my ‘n baie goeie idee gegee hoe alles in mekaar steek, maar om behoorlik te implimenteer het ek veel meer kennis en praktiese toepassing nodig.”
Dr. Rina Wilken, University of Pretoria

“Hugh McCabe is very knowledgeable and I have learned a lot in one day (being a novice when it comes to social media). The tips and hints provided were very useful and encouraged me to venture more into a world that I did not understand. The venue is excellent and everything was well organised.”
Erika Roux, University of Pretoria

“I enjoyed the lesson and learned several new aspects of digital marketing.”
Erich Labuschagne, Club Leisure Group

“The presentation was rather informative.”
Olwethu Bandezi, Club Leisure Group

“Thank you for an extremely informative course. Very interesting. I learnt a lot and feel that it definitely added value to my business. Very well presented, excellent venue. I would like to attend the 3-Day Bootcamp.”
Michele Michie, Dynamix Staffing Solutions

“Very interesting, but preferred the interaction part in the last half of the day.”
Claire Mason, Club Leisure Group

“Excellent content. Loved talking through our real business examples. Very beneficial to get my whole team on the same page.”
Claire Brider, Club Leisure Group

“Very informative and enjoyable. Considerate trainer – BIG bonus. Informal format, results driven for a change. All plusses.”
Belinda, Club Leisure Group

“I really enjoyed the course, it was very informative. From a social media point, it taught me how to better prepare my responses, address the member complaints and how to redirect traffic on Facebook.”
Lungi Mthethwa, Club Leisure Group

“The training was highly beneficial and covered a wide range of subject matter. Hugh McCabe spoke clearly and put up with a very rowdy team.”
Briget, Club Leisure Group

“An interesting and informative workshop. Relaxed atmosphere and approachable.”
Gareth Meyer, Club Leisure Group

“This was a very enlightening course. I enjoyed it very much.”
Yvette Arendse, Club Leisure Group

“Awesome training experience – enlightened concerning social media – very interesting and helpful resources provided. I like the amount of info and tips that were provided. Training facilities and food was excellent.”
Bernard Taylor

“Die kursus vandag het vir my ‘n nuwe wêreld oopgemaak. Ek kon alles volg, en kon verstaan en dit is net vir my so wow!!”
Hilde Basson, Blooming Gorgeous CC

“Very informative workshop, I got to learn a whole lot of things I never would have been exposed to had I not attended this course. Definitely feeling a lot more confident to try to extend my social media reach after today.”
Candice Thomas, The Rose Goddess

“It was a fantastic day, very informative! I cannot wait to use the information for my business, thanks Hugh McCabe!”
Kim Peters, Global Admin, The Rose Goddess

“Great course, I do think the digital marketing course will also be beneficial. Awesome venue.”
Morgan, CarTrack

“Wish I could spend more time and have this info explained in my specific situation – government is quite a different story.”
Jacoline Schoonees, DIRCO

“The course was really helpful given I know that I know nothing about social media. It provided a great background and starting point.”
Alex Van Essche, Meropa

“Very informative.”
Christine Dippenaar, Radisson Blu

“So much valuable information, loved every minute. Dying to get home to implement it all. Thank you for the experience.”
Jeannie Jordaan, Powerful Purpose

“Great Course! Learnt about new websites and blogging platforms that I did not know about. Got some insight on how to evaluate your business’ social media success.”
Chezanne Liebenberg, Phumelela Gaming

“Great informative course! Learnt a lot of new products.”
Candice Langley, Phumelela Gaming

“Very educational! Excited to get started. Answered many of the questions that I had. Looking forward to the advanced course, please send me more information on this.”
Kate Remas, Meropa Communications

“Very interesting, looking forward to the follow-up class. I will definitely be thinking differently when applying social media to find information.”
Karin Smit, EPI-USE

“Very informative thanks! Would love to put this into practice.”
Elsie Jordaan, EPI-USE

“Excellent and very informative!!”
Elizabeth le Roux, EPI-USE

“Excellent knowledge on the subject! Good facilitation skills.”
Joharina Waldeck, EPI-USE

“Very interesting. Got a new perspective on using social media for marketing purposes.”
Nienke, EPI-USE

“The approach was interesting and I enjoyed the course. Content was explained thoroughly and I look forward to the practical exercise.”
Riekie Alberts, EPI-USE

“I really enjoyed your practical examples and links to real life. I liked your use of the flipchart, it really helped to get the message to stick. I would like to have a lot of your diagrams and process steps in a visual format in the learner guide provided. Thanks for the training, I enjoyed it.”
Gregory Job, EPI-USE

“The course brought a lot of interest to digital media and I enjoyed the teaching and meeting people with different backgrounds. Excellent. I would come back for the advanced course.”
Amanda Mphuthi

“I found the course very insightful and eye-opening. The examples used were practical and made logical sense. I liked the relaxed vibe and ease-going pace of the overall course. I will definitely look into doing the digital course too.”
Cherise, Ideal Toy

“Tutor was very knowledgeable and clear in his presentations. Course was informative.”
Jabu Nhlapho, LegalWise

“I gained a much broader understanding of how to use social media to benefit my business.”
Nikki Wöhler, Neon Creative

“Dankie! Ek het baie cool tools geleer en goeie agtergrond gekry van hoekom jy so baie moet post. Ek kry ‘n beter prentjie van waar ek inpas.”
Melissa Janse Van Rensburg, Life Coach

“Had an interesting and eye-opening training today, all on social media; how to grow your business and mostly to see if our product got demand or not. I appreciate the elaborated details about the Adwords, Google to help find out if our keywords are searched often or not.”
Maipelo Hosia, GuestMag Communications – Botswana

“It suddenly dawned on me how one can make use of social media to benefit a company as social media is thought to be personal. The atmosphere was relaxed and interactive. Refreshments added to the lively and pleasing atmosphere.”
Ronny Tshabalala, Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden

“The specific class I was a part of was very interactive which makes the time learning so much more exciting and understanding. Hugh McCabe was very informative and I learnt plenty which I hope becomes relevant at my work environment. Perhaps more visual learning and interaction with the sites (like Facebook) would help a lot for the more visually driven people. Otherwise it was great and I definitely recommend it to people who would like to incorporate digital marketing into their workspace to attend.”
Dayna-Jean Broeders, Papersmith & Son

“It was a very enlightening course and really opened my eyes to the myriad of possibilities. Hugh McCabe was great and really knowledgeable about this industry!”
Robert Haden-Smith, Papersmith & Son

“Thank you to Martie and Hugh McCabe for the hospitality. First and foremost, Hugh McCabe has extensive knowledge and approach to digital marketing. Well-spoken and thoroughly versed in the technicalities. I will definitely recommend this next time.”
Thabiso Bambo, 1 Prospect

“Extremely valuable introduction to the world of social media for a business aspect. SEO and social media and digital marketing use and run down was extremely useful and essential.”
Alex Honegger, Cambial Communications

“The course has made me considerably more familiar with social media terminology. This is going to be of great benefit as I have just enlisted a company to develop our website and I will be able to contribute to the driving of traffic to it. I am also slightly more confident and will be able to move ahead and learn more by trial and error.”
John Foster, Foster Farming / Zevoli Properties

“Great, complete course. Quick and easy explanation of the most important tools and some very useful additional services. Adequate group size, interesting mix of people. Would have loved to have more time in order to expand on developing an own social media strategy. Great service provided at the venue!”
Samuel Monthuley, Key E.V. / UNHCR

“Great course, designed for people looking to advance skills in social media for their business or clients’ business. I recommend to agencies and professionals who want to sell through the internet.”
Matatiu Mbisse, Agência Signus

“Course is extremely informative. I have learned a lot about social media and have a much better understanding regarding websites, blogging, articles, communication and sharing of info. The venue was perfect; food, appearance, presentation etc. This is a model learning facility. Will be setting up a paid campaign on Facebook.”
Sonia Olivier, PAV Telecoms

“I have enjoyed attending this social media course. It is a nice blend of basic tips and essential tools to be effective on the most important platforms. The content was delivered in a way that is understandable to different professional levels. I feel like I have integrated my knowledge of different platforms into one big picture. The venue was nice and conveniently situated with a great service (welcoming, reception, etc.). The lunch was very nice and the snacks were too!”
Patricia Muzinga

“Very educational and informative, easy going day we enjoyed. Great ideas came out and what is possible to be done, love Canva! Thanks for that!”
Rayland Dunbar & Scott Barker, Attooh

“Found the course enlightening with content. Food was great!”
Vinay Rajah, Social Eyes Media Marketing

“Course was very informative and professional. All the services provided by the presenter and venue were impeccable.”
Charleen Howroyd, Nashua Communications

“Very informative course. Highly recommended.”
Dhanashree Moonsamy, Nashua Communications

“Content is good. Venue is good – food and service.”
Siphiwe Mashoene, SABPP

“It was knowledgeable and informative, with tips I can easily use for clients. “
Thabiso Mthethwa, Community Manager, Open Collaborative City Workspaces

“Thank you so much! I learned so much I didn’t know (and I thought I knew quite a bit already). This was so helpful and useful. Excellent strategy and content to implement directly. You are super knowledgeable.”
Kory Shukrani, Founder, Escape For Reason

“Very informative, really enjoyed the course.”
Samantha Murray, Marketing Manager, Executive Suite Group

“Good overview of all the main platforms. A helpful understanding of the role of social media.”
Rosemary Johnston-Fitch, Designer, Home Handyman

“The afternoon was full of info and useful.”
Glenn Ambrose, Sales Manager, Ideal Toy

“Informative and engaging presentation with lots of content to research going forward. Thank you for opportunity to learn more, found training very helpful.”
David Basson, Snap-On Africa

“Thank you for a well presented course, look forward to the next one. Well informed and covered all aspects regarding social media.”
Kedusha Romnarian, Roper & Associates

“This is an interesting and very informative course. I enjoyed it very much. I will definitely recommend it to others that want to add weight to their Marketing Degrees as well as to professionals that want to get their businesses or companies noticed. Thank you very much.”
Jeanine Loubser

“I really enoyed the course and learned a lot. I feel that I did benefit from the things that I did not know before like HootSuite and Canva and I look forward to becoming more efficient with these products in growing my and other people’s businesses. Thank you Hugh McCabe, you were very informative.”
Elizma Wolmarans

“Course is very informative, love the practical side!”
Nadira Gokill, Pinnacle Instruments

“ Hugh McCabe, you clearly have vast knowledge, which I respect, and I’m keen to learn from you.”
Colleen Lewis, 10 Plus Media

“Thanks Hugh McCabe, I found the course to be informative and useful for someone who has never marketed on social media before. I learned a lot toady but I feel that to have a more comprehensive segmentation process prior to doing the course would be beneficial to you. It will allow you to group social media competence by class. Thanks and chat soon.”
Malcolm Joubert, Listen Up

“I found the course to be very informative and well-presented and can recommend it for anyone considering to extend on their social media marketing skills.”
Jaqui Joubert, 101 Party Hire

“The course was enjoyable and enlightening. The knowledge I gained I will use in my personal career and in personal business.”
Tebogo Mphahlele, Senior Business Analyst, SABC

“Great course! A lot of companies can benefit, especially those wanting to start digital marketing of enchance what they
already have.”
Shadi Linchwe, Communications, PR & Marketing Manager, Botswana Fibre Networks

“Hugh McCabe is patient and passionate about digital marketing and the content passed through was very insightful.”
Charlotte Mthonbeni, Junior Marketing Specialist, FastNet

“The course was great. Very informative and interactive. This knowledge will really support me as I begin formulating my social media strategy.”
Tessa Chamberlain, Bee Nice Flowers

“The sole purpose of attending the course was to increase the company social media base. I have gathered as much info as possible as to how to grow my engagement on company posts on different social media platforms. Very informative and I’d like to attend more of your courses.”
Tshegofatso Morake, Townzar Media

“The course was very informative, it was like a whole new world was opening. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone in marketing. Hugh McCabe, thanks for giving me the reason to keep going in my endeavour to start my own business. Thanks for everything!”
Desmond Shoba, C-Notes Production & Marketing

“The course was honestly an eye opener. I use Facebook and other social media on a daily basis but I never knew how they are interlinked. I learned a whole lot of new things; how to boost posts; how it is so important to get people to engage rather than getting many ‘Likes’. I personally like the tutorials on Canva. I understand that the audience that we are targeting has to understand our posts. I also learned that the same post can be used over and over again. The facilitator was amazing.”
Lerato Dolo, Westgate Super Regional Shopping Centre

“The training was insightful. The necessary information was provided to us in a theoretical and practical setting. The lecturer (Hugh McCabe) answered questions in an efficient manner. A well delivered session.”
Aaliyah Moosa, MANCOSA

“Very insightful and informative course. A lot of education on best practices and know how as to how to effectively use the platforms. Hugh McCabe is a great lecturer, always making time to answer questions and show examples on how to be better and the effective use of the platforms.”
Darryl Chetty, Digital Executive, Red Cherry Interactive

“I found the course very enjoyable and informative. The subjects covered helped tremendously to piece together my various limited knowledge on Adwords, SEO, Display Advertising and much more. I have used my knowledge to create and manage a personal page, so this course has been extremely valuable to me.”
Shanne Saunders, Account Manager, Red Cherry Interactive

“The course was really informative, you would think you know everything there is to know about social media because you got enough followers right? I learnt about different ways to use social network platforms and ways to make money while spending money. The importance of content, format and uses of content. We could use social networks to our advantage and reach people from all levels of life.”
Naudine Mosimo, Digital Coordinator, Red Cherry Interactive

“Hugh McCabe is very knowledgeable, down to earth and professional in his approach. Made difficult concepts and processes easy to understand. I feel like I have learnt a lot in terms of the social media landscape, the platforms available and how to use them every day for both our company and clients.”
Kylie Coleman, Creative Executive, Red Cherry Interactive

“I would like to thank Hugh McCabe for giving us the opportunity to learn so much about the digital world from the planning and creative side and marketing from a broader perspective. We got to know, as a company, where we should be digitally and why.”
Shanelle Pillay, Media Planner, Red Cherry Interactive

“Fantastic course. Excellent intro into social media – practical and informative. I know feel confident that I have the tools necessary to plan and execute social media campaigns.”
John Buckley, Sales Executive, Red Cherry Interactive

“This course has been fun, interactive and a great experience in general. I have learnt more about the parts of digital that I thought I already knew and gained a wealth of knowledge on new aspects of digital marketing.”
Colette Liebenthal, Account Manager, Red Cherry Interactive

“The training is so good, I really enjoyed my class at Digital Business Academy’s workshop. Keep up the good work. I really enjoyed the course, it’s useful to all the companies and I recommend it to anyone who needs their business to grow big.”
Matthews Selwane, Designer, Werksman & Reyneke & Dimela Designs

“I wanna punch myself for only attending this course now! I loved it and I’m going to implement most of the things I learnt. Hugh McCabe took us through the lessons properly and nothing was rushed.”
Lootho Tlu, Managing Director, Venture OUT

“A day well spent! I found the social media essentials very relevant to what I want to do more of in thought leadership and for my start-up. Practical and ease to follow.”
Aifheli Makhwanya, HOD: Policy & Research, National Film & Video Foundation

“I have attended the training course on digital business presented by DBA and the course was eye opening in the world of digital platforms. I learned more about how Google and Facebook work and now I am feeling more empowered than ever before. The trainer also promised me that he will show me how to load new pictures on my website.”
Edward Moshole, Managing Director,  ChemFresh

“A great course for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge in social media advertising. Would recommend to anyone in a marketing position or who is a business owner. Hugh McCabe and the team are also very accommodating and knowledgeable.
5 Stars!”
Jameel Ismail, Graphic Designer, GRFX Design Studio

“Effective! A breakdown of social media and Google Adwords in a brief, easy to follow guide. The easiest and fastest way to understand the complex world of online advertising.”
Ahmed Hoosain, Manager, GRFX Design Studio

“A very insightful course about digital marketing. I recommend attending the 1 Day course first as a solid foundation on social platforms and development. Really enjoyed the training. Thanks Hugh McCabe”
Wouter Vermaak, Manager – Marketing & Social Media, UMS

“I really enjoyed the course as it covered all the areas I needed to upskill myself in. I particularly appreciated learning more about Google Adwords and advertising on Facebook. All there is left to do is practice, practice, practice and then implement it in my day to day work. Thank you Hugh McCabe”
Silindile Mteshane, Sales & Marketing Assistant, IFS

“The course is very informative, the facilitator (Hugh McCabe) is quite helpful and passionate about his work. The training course will add a vast amount of value to my business and practise. It will also give me the competitive edge. The technological changes renders all old technology obsolete, so digital marketing is a course that every marketer should equip themselves with. Thank you Hugh McCabe and Digital Business Academy!”
Tshepo Thakalekwala, CEO / Founder, Avalanche Marketing Group

“I enjoyed the course because it ‘demystified’ the processes behind digital marketing. We see Adwords, Facebook ads etc. on a daily basis and this course allowed me to see how it works for myself, and how to use it without contacting an outside agency.”
Chad Miller, Digital Content Manager, Lonrho JHB

“Wow! It exceeded my expectations. Hugh McCabe really did an amazing job of answering all bothering questions. The course overall was very insightful and informative.”
Dyindamela Isiba

“This was very insightful. I now have a full scope of what social media advertising is about. I can now fully offer the full package instead of outsourcing it. Thank you very much. You are the best!”
Lusinda Jacobs, Owner, Go Fish Designs

“I found the course very useful and informative. Everything we learned was relevant and insightful. I was enrolled in the course because I will be managing the company’s social media platforms. Through the 2 day course I’ve learned how to create content and all the logistics that it involves and also easier ways of managing and publishing content for the company’s different social media platforms.”
Thabang Ramongane, Assistant Research & Developer, RapidBlue

“I have learnt a lot! Thank you for giving the opportunity to learn new things to benefit our company. Would like to see refresher courses offered.”
Tara Cosgrave, Admin Manager, Gotham Holdings

“The social media marketing course was very informative, and I would suggest it to anyone who wants to improve their skills and knowledge to attend this course. It is very focused on everyday advertising on all-day social platforms. The 1 Day is nice.”
Cheney Naudè, Internal Sales, Rigifoam

“It was a very insightful course. The practical delivery was good and experiential for hands on practice and implementation. It was certainly worthwhile.”
Faith Marck, Manager, OpenServe

“Thank you for a very informative course. Length of the course was perfect and provided us with enough cheat sheets, hints, templates and insights to take our own companies to the next level in Digital Marketing. Hugh McCabewas very knowledgeable and shared his knowledge freely with us which was great. Fun, interactive class and I learnt a lot!”
Viloshni Govender, Marketing Director, Separation Scientific

“Hugh McCabe presented the course in a fun, interactive way. I found the course enlightened and is definitely worth doing from beginners to expert level people who wants to use social media in their businesses or personal life.”
Werner vd Merwe, Business Analyst, PSG

“Thoroughly enjoyed this course and have learnt so much that can be transferred into my role. The facilitator and the group were great. Found Hugh McCabe to be exceptionally knowledgeable on the subject matter. Thank you, this was well worth it.”
Jen Olivier, Marketing Manager, Silica

“Awesome! Loved the small class and individual attention. Hugh McCabe has such a soothing voice. I would’ve like screenshots of the landing pages of the programs used to have made better notes, but the course material was perfect and explained in a way that was easy to grasp. Thank you for the treats every day!”
Elzemike Doman, Marketing, Silica

“This 3 day course was exactly what I needed to bring myself up to date with the social media marketing tools available to develop brand presence online. I have personally not used any social media since 2012, but I do see the increasing necessity for the implementation of digital marketing in any business model. Your teaching is clear and easy to follow. I never once felt overwhelmed or lost. I had a great experience overall; the venue, the food, the atmosphere, the course and additional resources.”
Collin Sorongas

“Thank you for the training course and material. I enjoyed the day and content! I did feel like it was a lot of information to complete in one day, but I also understand that this topic is vast. Overall great course and I learnt a lot!”
Tanya Vieira, C.E.O. / Marketing Manager , Calypso Creative

“Great and informative with many useful tips and tricks to use!”
Rea Akermanidis, Creative Director, Calypso Creative

“It was a day filled with loads of information about social media. It was great to also receive a booklet so I can read up on it again.”
Paula Gageiro, C.F.O., Calypso Creative

“Very informative, concise well-structured course. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”
Beverly Bartholomew, Executive Assistant to MD , Commercial Auto Parts

“Totally new to social media and really learned some new processes to put in place going forward in our company. Also liked the reference material provided.”
Clint de Bruyn, IT Manager, Commercial Auto Parts

“The course was very informative. I did not have much knowledge on social media marketing and this course has equipped me to go and start doing the work it covered. All the work that I expected to be covered and more. And the food was great too!”
Mixo Shandlale, Social Media, Agile Motion

“Found the course good and clear. Thank you.”
Jacques Holmes, Director, Mobility 4 Homes

“Very interesting class, learned a few new things about marketing and social media. Thank you.”
Herman Muller, Brand Manager, Engines for Africa

“The course had very useful information on how to effectively grow your social media networks and good insight on how to help small companies grow their audience.”
Keanu Permal, Social Media Marketer, Expats On The Globe

“The training was very valuable and gave a few key ideas on how to manage our social media interaction more effectively. We are a new business and some of the advice will definitely improve our exposure.”
Marissa Schwan, 5G Future Fit

“It was a fun and interesting day. I learned a lot from this course. For me doing this course as a way to go into this line of business is a great opportunity.”
Bianca Schwan, Owner, 5G Future Fit

“Great, educational and informative course and I will recommend more people to attend and more digital marketing courses. I enjoyed the course and wished for more time.”
Humphrey Ndlovu, Graphic Designer, Windscreen Distributors

“Thank you for changing my perspective on social media, the importance thereof for business purposes – in promoting your brand. I will certainly make use of social media from now on. I never thought of LinkedIn as a tool to create awareness – thank you. I enjoyed the course, I was lucky to be here.”
Jennifer Lategan, Sales & Marketing Manager, Windscreen Distributors

“Thank you for your services, was very helpful and learned a lot in terms of how to handle social media.”
Ashley Serigo, Marketing, TPC

“The workshop was very insightful and educational as well as informative. I have learnt a lot about social media and also met other creatives which was great for networking as well as socialising.”
Mpho Hlwathika, Designer, CAP

“A great and insightful course for tools we usually use on a day to day basis. Will definitely use these tools to boost our online presence and grow our network. Thank you!”
Robyn Sampson, Admin, Global Logistics Alliance

“The course was very informative. I would happily recommend it.”
Tarryn Kendal, Pointer

“I found the course very informative. All my questions on social media were fully answered and I am pleased with the whole day.”
Lorraine Mhandu, Sales Executive, Executive Suites Group

“I first attended the 1 day Social Media course in 2018 and the results of our organisation’s social media channels were very impressive in auch a way that my manager suggested I attend the 3 day Digital Marketing course. I have learned a lot and am ready to take on all our digital work going forward. Excellent service from the academy!”
Esther Mahlalela, Save the Children SA

“I learned a lot, although it is a lot to take in, at least I have a bigger sense now how it works and where to go from here. I enjoyed it and will definitely do another course.”
Stefmarie Lammerding, A Dash Of Decadence

“Dankie vir jou geduld, jy het almal se navrae professioneel hanteer. Dit was baie leersaam, great tips en baie hulp, dankie. Die kursus was insiggewend en ek het baie geleer.”

Beandra Changuion, Blos Cafe

“Enjoyed the programme. Content relevant, interesting and application practical.”
Glenn McGinn, Royal Mnandi

“Great session, very informative and helpful for small business owners like myself.”
Sisi Nxumalo, Hair by Sisi

“The course content was presented in a clear and concise way. I have a fair grasp of everything that was covered in detail.”
Marlene Baiton