Corporate Digital Training

Boost Digital Skills and Expertise Within Your Team

To succeed in this new digital world your marketing team must have a good understanding of digital marketing and how to use it to increase website traffic, generate leads and grow your sales.

Our corporate digital training starts with a digital skills assessment and training needs analysis where we will benchmark the skills of individuals and teams across a number of core digital marketing competencies.

Based on the results, we create a customised corporate digital training program that will address the digital gaps that are unique to your business. We then measure improvements over time to track success.

Corporate Digital Training Since 2012

We have helped more than 4000 students and 250 companies to develop their digital skills and advance their careers.

Our 5-Step Process

We discuss your goals and objectives to understand your needs

We assess your digital skills with a pre-course questionnaire

Your needs are analysed and training options given

We deliver training focused on your goals and objectives

We evaluate the impact on the training of your team

Available Courses

corporate digital training

Digital Marketing

This course is designed to introduce the core principles and purpose of digital marketing. Your team will learn the essential disciplines to create and implement digital marketing campaigns for your business.

corporate social media training

Social Media Marketing

Learn how social media can help your business to increase brand awareness, get more exposure, generate more leads and increase sales.

corporate digital strategy training

Digital Strategy

Learn how to plan an effective digital marketing strategy for your business and the methods and best practices associated with implementing a successful digital marketing strategy.

social selling course

Social Media Strategy

In this course we will provide a complete social selling toolkit for LinkedIn to help prospect, influence and close sales confidently online.

digital leadership training

Digital Leadership

Learn how to dramatically increase ROI and career performance, confidently drive and deliver digital marketing strategies and campaigns beyond boardroom level.

social media risks in the workplace

Social Media Risks

Learn why employers need to take notice of the risks posed to their businesses by workers who do not know about the risks of social media and who do not grasp the consequences of their online mistakes.

digital analytics course

Digital Analytics

Learn how to use Digital Analytics to build an online reporting structure for your business, monitor and analyse digital campaigns.

social selling course

Social Selling

In this course we will provide a complete social selling toolkit for LinkedIn to help prospect, influence and close sales confidently online.

digital copywriting course

Digital Copywriting

Learn best practices for writing successful copy for all digital content. Understand basic principles of creating valuable and engaging content for your customers.

content marketing course

Content Marketing

Learn how to plan and create a content marketing strategy by conducting social listening, competitor analysis, and content audits. Understand the buyer’s journey and create content for your target audience.

google ads course

Google Ads

Designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge to create effective PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ad campaigns and to transform learners into PPC marketing specialists.

corporate facebook marketing

Facebook Ads

Learn how to craft a Facebook marketing strategy, design winning ad campaigns, measure your success in order to generate leads and increase brand awareness.

influencer marketing course

Influencer Marketing

Learn how to use the power of word of mouth marketing, gain insight into the psychology of influence, how to build a compelling proposition for influencers and how to measure success.

instagram marketing course

Instagram Marketing

Learn how to develop a successful Instagram marketing strategy, create optimised posts, target the right audience, run content marketing and advertising activities, and measure its impact.

seo course

Search Engine Optimisation

Learn how to increase visibility of your brand, send more visitors to your website and convert traffic into leads and sales from search engines.

video marketing course

Video Marketing

Learn the fundamentals of video marketing and be able to identify the key metrics and tools to use to analyse and optimise campaigns.

email marketing course

Email Marketing

Learn about key email marketing tools and techniques to create, test, and optimise an email campaign. You will understand all the elements involved in an email marketing strategy.

conversion rate optimisation course

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Understand the framework of traffic a website receives and converting visitors into leads or sales. Learn why visitors are not converting into sales, and create a strategy that will better persuade customers.

user experience design course

User Experience Design

Learn the basic principles of UX and enhance the customer experience with your brand. Understand the art and science of designing how users experience your product from beginning to end.


What Our Students Say

“I found the course very enjoyable and informative. The subjects covered over the past 12 weeks helped tremendously to piece together my various limited knowledge on Google Adwords, SEO, Display Advertising and much more. I have used my knowledge to create and manage a personal page, so this course has been extremely valuable to me.”
Shanne Saunders, Account Manager, Red Cherry Interactive

“The course is very informative, the facilitator (Hugh McCabe) is very helpful and passionate about his work. The training course will add a vast amount of value to my business. It will also give me the competitive edge. The technological changes renders all old technology obsolete, so digital marketing is a course that every marketer should equip themselves with. Thank you Hugh and Digital Business Academy!”
Tshepo Thakalekwala, CEO / Founder, Avalanche Marketing Group

“Thank you so much, your digital marketing training was fantastic. My analytics are great after attending your course. People are now going through my website and we are now starting to push the social media. You taught me loads about getting people to dig deeper into my website, and we did this also through Facebook.”
Tracey Greig, Marketing and Operations Manager, AFSUG

“Excellent course, very relevant to the changing business and social environment around us. Good exposure to the digital ‘ecosystem’ we operate in, both professionally and socially. Good roadmap provided to initiate our exposure and activity within the digital and social media landscape. Will send more staff within UVEX Safety, definitely.”
Christo Nel, Director UVEX Safety


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