Bridging The Digital Skills Gap

Written by Hugh McCabeBlog


South Africa, like elsewhere in the world, has an enormous digital skills gap. Digital is the fastest-growing sector in marketing. While technology and digital content are having a major impact on how South African people communicate with each other, work, learn, and transact, South Africa is severely lacking in the skills required to take full benefit of the digital transformation.

Digital has allowed firms to transform their practices through technology and change the way their customers interact with them. The digital landscape in South Africa is in need of niche experts with a wide-ranging general knowledge of digital. It is important to have the right skills to achieve digital transformation.

What is the “digital skills gap”? It is when employees do not know the precise technology to use for the job or how to properly use digital and technology tools already at their disposal.

A recent report from Capgemini and LinkedIn has found that over 50 percent of businesses are now feeling the pressure from the digital skills gap. “In an increasingly digital economy, those organizations that bridge the talent gap will enjoy a competitive edge over those who don’t”.  A defined digital strategy that meets both business objectives and the preferences of digital talent is critical for a sustainable and successful digital transformation.”

The first step in bridging the gap in digital skills is to accept digital as a vital part of business, large and small. Training should be encouraged within the workplace. Individual upskilling is vital to avoid the skills gap. Training should be focused on Digital Marketing for businesses to be ready and positioned right at the forefront of the digital movement.

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The advantage for individuals: You can bridge your own skills gap. Adding our digital Marketing training courses to your resume can turn your career around. It is important to undertake continuous training.

The advantage for companies: Training your workforce in related digital skills, can better exploit the abundance of available digital products and services to transform your business and give it a competitive lead. Companies need to invest in training, not only for their new employees but also for their senior staff.

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